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Let Him Pass Pennsylvania

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I LOVE my clients. Their success is my success. And when they are wronged it makes me sad.

Across America for Wounded Heroes (AAfWH) is an organization started by a retired farmer/auctioneer, Ivan Stoltzfus. His goal is to drive his 1948 John Deere tractor across the USA to raise $1 Million for the Wounded Warriors Project. He assembled a team who supports his journey and selected Creative Loupe to design and build his website.

As you can imagine this endeavor takes a lot of logistics and countless volunteer hours to pull off. The team was thorough in their execution, but in Ivan’s home state of Pennsylvania they hit a snag. This is the story in Buzzfeed style:

Over eight months before the trip AAfWH contacted PennDOT seeking permission to drive across the state.

They were shifted around to several departments, but no one could give them an answer. So AAfWH waited.

Meanwhile, AAfWH got positive feedback from both political and law enforcement officials — PA Governor Tom Corbett and the head of the PA State Police.

One month before departure, PennDOT decides to call AAfHW to let them know their answer.

AAfHW is devastated. The only way they can enter the state is if they get permission from EVERY municipality they cross OR trailer the tractor.

Obviously the former is impossible and the latter misses the point of the trip. They claim “it’s too dangerous for the taxpayers.” But, in our county we dodge tractors and horse & buggies all the time, so we could only scratch our heads.

Now AAfWH is holding out hope that someone at PennDOT will change their minds and allow the trip to move forward. But until then, Pennsylvania remains embarrassed by our neighbor New Jersey who pulled out all of the stops for AAfWH. Not only have they provided an escort but encouraged AAfWH to cross the Commodore Barry Bridge!

How can we help?

If you think PA should allow Ivan Stoltzfus to cross PA in his tractor raising money for the Wounded Warriors Project, please contact Pennsylvania DOT or Governor Corbett

You may read up on what went down at AAfWH’s website or follow them on twitter @aafwh or facebook.

BUT, most importantly please consider giving to the Wounded Warriors Project. I know that would encourage Ivan the most! Click below to donate in the name of AAfWH

Donate to WWP