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Philip Meissner Design Is Now Creative Loupe

Philip Meissner Design Is Now Creative Loupe Featured Image

To formalize my freelance business in 2009, I adopted the name Philip Meissner Design. Using one’s personal name for your business is an easy move and didn’t require much creative thinking, but now it’s time to grow up. It’s time to name this company.

Of course there are advantages to keeping it simple and using your own name:

Advantages of using your name

  • Easiest to set up.
  • If your name is unique, it’s easy to get the domain you want.
  • There may be SEO advantages to having 1 online persona.
  • If you’re an industry leader the mojo associated with your name may transfer to your company.

Advantages of a DBA (“doing business as”) name

  • If you find a unique name, there is a lot of room to develop your brand’s story to communicate your company’s values.
  • A fictitious name is perceived as more professional.
  • There is room to grow beyond a one man shop.
  • Not that I ever would, but if I ever wanted to sell my business, a fictitious name would be easier to sell.

So why the name Creative Loupe — and what’s a loupe anyway?

loupe /lo͞op/

Noun A small magnifying glass used by jewelers and watchmakers. Merriam Webster

A loupe is a magnifying glass used by jewelers and print designers to examine their work. After 12 years in the print world, I’m quite familiar with using a loupe as a quality control tool for checking registration of the printing dots. If the dots didn’t line up, the images would be fuzzy. This simple device has some symbolic meanings for my company and our focus:

loupe on white background

  1. Registration. In the print world registration is key. If the CMYK dots don’t line up, the images look fuzzy and colors shift. We make sure your website deign is aligned with your brand messaging. We strive for clarity — to produce websites with a clear message and call to action to connect with their audience.
  2. Magnification. It’s amazing to me how the individual 300 dots per square inch can be magnified with a loupe. In a sea of websites, what makes your site standout? Search engine optimization can bring customers to your site, but do they convert? On the web even the ”little guy“ can reach any person at any hour. And with a creative well-designed site, they can look as credible as the “big boys”.
  3. Simple. A loupe has no “on” switch. It just works. And well designed products and websites don’t need instruction manuals. They are intuitive and easy to use.

I’m excited to see how this new brand will develop, and now that the logo is done — Onward! Upward! Forward to business cards!